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The marketing of non-residential real estate requires techniques and strategies quiet different than selling houses. Non-residential properties require target marketing. People who buy or lease are not likely to look for property in mass media advertising i.e. newspapers, magazines or television. Therefore, the key is to clearly identify the likely types of buyers and then find them.


Most non-residential and sellers are very involved in non real estate business enterprises and professions. This type of buyers or lessees "employ" full time agents which they rely upon for help to find property, marketing through other brokers and agents, many of which specialize in specific types of properties or investors. We also market directly to people known to invest and/or do business in Metropolitan Lane County and the State of Oregon. 



The following is a summary for the marketing process of industrial, commercial and investment properties:

A. Enter into a marketing employment contract with owner.

B. Analysis Review:

of property

  • -  Building data (size, amenities, etc.)

  • -  County Assessor records

  • -  Planning and Zoning options

  • -  Utilities available

  • -  Environmental consideration, i.e. wetlands, hazardous wastes, etc.

  • -  Professional appraisal (when needed)

C. Prepare Market Analysis

Make Recommendations:
- Pricing/Rental Rates

- Financing or Lease Terms - Marketing strategies

D. Review property, market analysis and marketing strategies with the owners. Obtain mutual agreement regarding marketing, or terminate employment agreement. 

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